Quiz 8 Week 11 Chapter 10 and 11 answers

Quiz 8 Week 11 Chapter 10 and 11 answers - Name_ Week 11...

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Name___________________________ Week 11 Quiz 8 Chapters 10 and 11 Please circle the best answer to each of the following questions. 1. During a recent shopping trip to the local Target store, Pat noticed several things. First, she noticed that the store offered a tremendous variety of products, including toys, pet foods, clothing for men, women, and children, health and beauty aids, small household appliances, automotive products, and more. Further, Pat noticed Target offered an array of different products within each product group. Each product group at Target is an example of a(n) _________; all of the product groups together constitute Target's __________ a. product tangibility; product unit b. product mix; product unit c. product line; product mix d. product unit; product tangibility e. product mix; product line Answer: c Page: 212-213 Other Location: web Learning Objective: 1 Rationale: A product line is a group of products that are closely related, that satisfy a class of needs, are used together, are distributed through similar outlets, or are purchased by the same customer group. A product mix includes all the product lines offered by a company. 2. The elements that make services unique are the four I's. The four I's are: a. inflexibility, intangibility, inconsistency, and inseparability. b. intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory. c. incompatibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory.
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Quiz 8 Week 11 Chapter 10 and 11 answers - Name_ Week 11...

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