History 198 Final Exam – Friday May

History 198 Final Exam – Friday May -...

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History 198 Final Exam – Friday May, 7 2010 Spider Eaters Chapter 28, 29, 30 Part I – Identifications – identify the “Why” - check Andy and the lady’s lectures Part I – Essay with three examples from FFA and Spider Eaters 1. Utopia 2. Development 3. How contemporary attitudes shape how we view the past Chapter 28 – World Order and Disorder: Global Politics in the 20 th Century Vignette: - In Manchuria in the 1920s and 1930s brothels were like social clubs - Manchurian Incident: Japanese believed that the Chinese blew up one of teir trains so they invaded Manchuria o First of a series of crises that Japanese militants made up over the next six years - Results: convert Manchuria into a Japanese puppet monarchy, Japanese makes attempts to conquer China, turned into a struggle between all of the worlds potential superpowers: Japan, China, US, Russia, Germany - Cold War and various conflicts plague the twentieth century – don’t dwell - Divide the century into three periods o 1 – world wars ending in 1945 o 2 – superpower confrontation that began as world war ended o 3- new world order as the US outlasted rivals How did the world wars weaken Europe’s global dominance? I. The World War Era (1914-1945) A. First World War - National and imperial rivalries triggered hostilities disagreeing about how to distribute power and further which power ideology would be implemented - Japanese and Chinese conflict over if they are related or not and if so who is in control of the other A.1. Isolationism: belief that unless directly challenged a country should concentrate on domestic issues and avoid foreign conflict. At first US was practicing this policy but in time isolationism became impractical. US industrial output equaled that of all of Europe combined therefore they were stronger A.2. US incentive to enter the war: to crush militarism, free the seas, weaken European empires, lift American debs, consolidate America’s growing wealth and superiority, liberate Eastern European homelands of millions of US citizens, and make the world safe for democracy. A.3. War brought together powerful Britain, France, and US creating a new cultural force which did away with elites, empires, and traditional lifestyles A.4. League of Nations – forum to resolve international disputes peacefully proposed by President Wilson but denied by Congress B. Ghandi and the satyagraha – “the force of truth” C. War made US economy boom for seven years until 1929 stock prices dropped hugely and a recession started – Disillusionment. Economic disasters in Europe and US made anti –capitalist ideas flourish and spread- Karl Marx
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D. 1917: Bolshevik Uprising in Russia was a well planned coup elevating the Communist Party to the role of an aristocracy and dictatorship D.1. Lenin, Stalin, czars E. Fascism: extreme and violent corporatist movement, splinter ideology of socialism E.1. Mussolini II. Second World War A. Located on the eastern front, saw France crumble (instead of Russia like in
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History 198 Final Exam – Friday May -...

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