History 198 – Chapter 20

History 198 – Chapter 20 - History 198...

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History 198 – Chapter 20: Driven by Growth: The Global Economy in the 18 th Century - Marquis de Condorcet: French nobleman, mathematician of the 18 th century, and an optimist. Believed in human progress stimulated by increased population. Global population explosion by 1800 sparked the speeding up of economic activity, settlement of new lands, science used to exploit and understand nature, - Thomas Malthus: English clergyman of the 18 th century, and a pessimist. Foresaw human extinction feared population growth - Europe, China, and parts of North America and Africa were advancing and had growing populations while places like the Ottoman empire with stable populations had declining or stagnant states proving Condorcet correct Population Trends : The Ottoman and Persian empires did not experience population growth during the 18 th century. Note the fading of the Ottoman Empire coinciding with its stagnant population and the increase in European population - Urbanization o Cities and towns increased in most of Eurasia and Americas o Asia – In Japan 6% of the population lived in cities over 100,000 people o Europe - London was one of the most populated cities in the world o America - 1/3 of inhabitants of Spanish America lived in towns and Cities, British North America towns were growing to a considerable size
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History 198 – Chapter 20 - History 198...

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