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history wiki critique - Brooke Galietto March 3, 2010...

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Brooke Galietto March 3, 2010 History 198 – Wiki Critique My first impression of the wikis was one of shock. In my opinion, every single page was very well done and provided unique and attention-grabbing information. After viewing the six wikis I have concluded that a narrowed topic is the best approach to a wiki page. I thought that Wiki AA did a fantastic job of identifying and explaining their distinct topic. This page gave the reader an opportunity to become truly knowledgable in the area of Mughal finance and understand the connection between finances and Mughal decline. Analyzing the wikis also made me realize the importance of organization and style in presenting information. The wiki pages with the most consistent format and font were the easiest to follow and understand by a long shot. In my opinion, Wiki AA also had the best page format. For my critique I made a “Pros and Cons List” for each wiki. Truth be told, each wiki deserved many pros and many cons. Overall I vote Wiki AA as the best because they captured what I consider the two most important characteristics of a
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history wiki critique - Brooke Galietto March 3, 2010...

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