hst Exam 2 - Exam 2 25 26 and King Leopolds Ghost Part 1...

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Part 1: Identifications (40%) – vignettes, bold, King Leopold’s Ghost characters Part 2: Essay (60%) – focus on moral authority and progress. 3 examples from FFA and 3 from King Leopolds Ghost Industrial Revolution Definition: when an economy moves from agriculture to manufacturing Britain 1786 Cottage industry(working out of the home) Putting out system (no overhead, labor intensive) Demographics o Birth rate does not increase but death rate decreases, decrease in infant mortality rates – population growth o Health care advancements – smallpox vaccine Necessities: o Labor – technology, capital resources, energy Concentrated in cities Devopment of a consumer market o Natural Resources o Access to trade routes o Infrastructure o India and Japan in the 19 th Century Japan o Isolation from the west – avoids colonization and industrializes internally Only one port exclusive to Dutch Anti Christian Backlash Japanese fear divine right Shinto religion Emperors authority would be question Christianity is banned in Japan Dutch trade continues because of Calvinists and religious freedom Self Development – 17 th and 18 th century growth Have some resource Growth of the middle class Culture was friendly with capitalism – self made man 19 th century – population stops growing increase in labor costs and household changes o Commander Perry (July 1853) American who went to Japan with a letter from American President demanding: Don’t capture shipwrecked sailors Wanted a coaling station in Japan
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hst Exam 2 - Exam 2 25 26 and King Leopolds Ghost Part 1...

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