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hst panel debate - Brooke Galietto April 28, 2010 History...

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Brooke Galietto April 28, 2010 History 198 Statement of Action – Newspaper Article for Miami University’s Daily Student As the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest nations worldwide, it is safe to say that governments, donors, adults, and even students alike hope the best for and are willing to participate in the Haiti relief effort. Despite the good intentions of concerned people all over the world, relief efforts and donations have neither efficiently improved daily life in Haiti nor jumpstarted the rebuilding process effectively. On campus, a certain buzz about Haiti does exist. Students wear bracelets for Haiti or maybe we see a bake sale for Haiti at the Phi Delt gates. However, we do not receive updates or learn that our support is actually helping. My purpose in writing this article is to encourage the student body to not donate and forget. Our money and compassion is only helpful if we follow it through and ensure our efforts are helping. I will persuade you to do this next time you donate by proving that so far the efforts you have made for Haiti have not been efficient. Months after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit, millions of people are still displaced. One of the first major efforts was providing
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hst panel debate - Brooke Galietto April 28, 2010 History...

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