Chapter 10 – Information Systems Development

Chapter 10 – Information Systems...

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Chapter 10 – Information Systems Development I. Q1: What is systems development? a. Systems Development (aka systems analysis design) – the process of creating and maintaining information systems a.i. Involves all five components: hardware, software, data, procedures, and people while developing a computer program involves software programs maybe data and database a.ii. System development has a broader scope than computer program development b. Information systems are never “off the shelf” c. Users must take ownership of their systems to be successful II. Q2: why is systems development difficult and risky a. Five major challenges to system development a.i. Difficulty of requirements determination a.i.1. What functions does the website need a.i.2. Create an environment where questions are often asked and answered a.ii. Change in Requirements a.ii.1. Moving target – requirements change as the system is developed further, grows, lasts longer a.iii. Scheduling and Budgeting Difficulties a.iii.1. If you cannot estimate labor hours you cannot estimate labor costs a.iv. Changing Technology a.iv.1. While the project is underway technology continues to change a.v. Diseconomies of Scale: as development teams become larger the contribution per worker decreases a.v.1. Brooks’s Law: adding more people to a late project makes the project later a.v.1.a. A larger staff requires more coordination and meetings and new people need training which can be costly and time consuming III. Q3: What are the five phases of the SDLC a. Systems Development Life Cycle: the classical process used to develop information systems b. Five Phase Process b.i. System Definition – use managements statement of the system needs in order to begin to define the new system. Here developers identify the particular features and functions of the new system b.ii. Requirement analysis b.iii. Component design b.iv. Implementation b.v. System maintenance IV. Q4: How is system definition accomplished
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a. In response to the need for the new system, the organization will assign a few employees possibly on a part time basis to define the new system, to asses its feasibility, and to plan the project b. Define system goals and scope b.i. Define the purpose of the system, the competitive strategy, create relationships, create revenues
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Chapter 10 – Information Systems...

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