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The Internet is a WAN. The INTERNET uses a variety of communication methods and provides a seamless flow of data provided by a standardized layered set of protocols. WIMAX: standards based technology for wireless broadband access, another alternative to cable and DSL access . LASTMILEPROBLEM: getting broadband access for homes and small businesses(Types=fixed, nomadic, portable, and mobile). 3 FCTNS of ISP=address,gateway,pay. PSDN=PublicSwitchedDataNetwork aka VAN because saves setup and maintenance costs, each site just needs a POP. Creating Networks of LeasedLines is expensive and complicated BUT benefit is that low cost per bit transmission so good for businesses with lots of info.B<56. BB>256kbps.COMPARING WANS:Cost,Perform,Other.Greater the transparency easier to use. HTTPS uses SSL :secure socket layer aka TLS.(fast-symmetric and secure-priv.key)VPS provide a tunnel-priv.pathway over shared network. VPN s are secure, encrypted, remote access. ServiceOrientedArchitecture
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