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Final Exam Review - MIS 235 Final Exam Wednesday May 5,...

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MIS 235 Final Exam Wednesday May 5, 2010 Chapter 1 What Is an Information System? Information System: group of components that interact to produce information. Includes hardware, software, data, procedures, and people What Is MIS? Management Information Systems: development and use of information systems that help businesses achieve their goals and objectives Development and Use of Information Systems – business professionals need to take an active role in IS to ensure that their systems meet their needs, understand how IT systems work, consider users’ needs during development, learn how to employ IT systems, and take into account security and back up Achieving Business Goals and Objectives – MIS empowers users to achieve their business objectives How Does IS Differ from IT? IT includes hardware, software, and data. Information technology refers to methods, inventions, standards, and products; tools. IT alone cannot help an organization achieve its goals. IS makes IT useful. IS = IT + people and procedures How Do Successful Business Professionals Use IS? - think creatively about problems, challenges, and opportunities, and think of ways to apply IT and IS - create innovative applications using emerging (new) technologies - find ways to gain a competitive advantage with information systems What New Opportunities for IS Are Developing Today? Two Opportunities, Right Now – data storage and transmission are virtually free so revenue goes straight to the bottom line, benefits of automation Moore’s Law – price performance ration of computers has fallen dramatically because of Moore’s law which states that the speed of a computer chip increased in proportion to the density of the transistors, density doubles, speed doubles Dramatic Reduction in Price/Performance Ratio – ex: computers are smaller and less expensive What Is Your Role in IS Security? Strong Passwords – 7 or more characters, do not use your real name or company name, do not use a complete dictionary word, use a unique password each time, use upper and lower case and symbols Password Etiquette – never write it down and don’t share it with others Chapter 2 How Did This Stuff Get Here? Business processes should be an integrated process that work to obtain payments, produce raw materials and other resources, cover costs, and make a profit What Is a Business Process? Business Process: network of activities, resources, facilities, and information that interact to achieve some business function What Are the Components of a Business Process? - Activities: processes - Resources: an item with value; such as customers or suppliers; inputs. IT/IS can be a resource
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- Facilities: structures used within resources; such as a warehouse or a database; inputs - Information: activities use information to know how to transform inputs into outputs What Is Information? - Data that is processed and presented in a meaningful way
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Final Exam Review - MIS 235 Final Exam Wednesday May 5,...

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