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Brooke Galietto April 19, 2010 MIS 235 – Section A Professor Merhout Homework #4 Technology Is Our Greatest Tool The greatest benefit I have found from taking MIS 235 is opening my eyes to how helpful and crucial technology is in the business world and how advantageous it is to an individual employee. Having knowledge and skills in technology will help me be a better employee and satisfy my bosses demands better. If the CMO of my future company approached me and requested that I research the cause of large fluctuations throughout the year, technology would be the best tool I have to try to determine what is causing this peculiar behavior in sales. The Northwinds Database that has the ten year history of sales would be overwhelming and impossible to sort through or draw conclusions from directly. Past data and our company’s history is the most important resource we have as an individual company because it shows how our company reacts to various changes in the market place and in the economy.
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