Security Threats – 3 SOURCES

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SDLC/DRDIM: system definition – goal, scope, feasibility (cost, sched, tech, org), requirement analysis- content, security, component design – HW, SW, database design, job description, implementation- build, test, integrate, convert(plunge, parallel phase, pilot), system maintenance – prioritize requests, fix failures, enhance. IT Spending ? Capital budgeting – cost vs. benefits. Want tangible ben>cost. IS Rights : resources:hard/software, reliable network, secure environ, protection, contribute to requirements, reliable sys development/mainte. Bring attention to issues, prioritize problems, effective training. Responsibilities: basic skills, std techs, security/backup procedures, passwords, follow policy, authorized modifications/programs only, apply patches/fixes, genuine suggestions, don’t report trivial problems. Ethics Guide : It increases productivity. Media blames overeas outsourcing for US job loss. Use IS/IT to achieve goals. Metasecurity- securing security system, follow pdirections. Alert to web based opportunities (FB, Web3.0). look for IS apps, understand business models. Need to know about the IT DEPT: responsibilities/ duties so that you can be an effective consumer of IT serv. Functions to be savvy mgr, mgr of small comp ensure actions are performed. Responsibilites of IT Dept : 1. Plan for infrastructure (resources). 2. : BCP: Business Continuity Planning. DRP: Disaster Recovery plan, respond to threats . 4. Protect infrastructure/data. ERM – enterprise risk management. CIO: IT dept head, reports to CEO, COO, CFO. Tech office investigates new IS tech, headed by CTO. Operations
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