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psy 210 ch 6 critique

psy 210 ch 6 critique - Brian Tharp PSY 210 Chapter 6...

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Brian Tharp 3/17/11 PSY 210 Chapter 6 Critique Culture, Self, and Personality This chapter discussed the influences that an individual encounters throughout their life and the specific aspects that are changed during their life period. Culture, self, and personality are all factors in one's life that emerge as the main components of their individual self. This chapter discussed the different parts of one's self including self esteem and self efficacy. There were several different types of personalities mentioned as well with a few that stood out more than others such as agreeableness, extroversion and neuroticism to name a few. The idea of temperament was also highly touched upon discussing the debate whether or not it is a result of genetics or one's surrounding environment. All of these ideas were considered throughout different stages of one's life and the impact that each has on each stage of life. There are many questions and theories that remain unanswered because evidence has yet to point consistently in one direction.
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