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psy 210 chapter 9 - Brian Tharp Psychology 210 Chapter 9...

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Brian Tharp 4/4/2011 Psychology 210 Chapter 9 Critique Culture, Health, and Illness This chapter discussed all issues of health across different age groups. It is no surprise that different ages and different cultures are prone to different types of illnesses and disease. It's gotten much more easy to detect and even prevent certain diseases and illnesses that plagued our culture throughout the past few decades. Medical advancements have been made to detect and begin to prevent things that have previously proven to be harmful and even fateful to our culture. This chapter discusses common illnesses/diseases across all different stages of life. It refers to sexually transmitted diseases, mental illnesses that are commonly adapted throughout one's lifetime, as well as older age illnesses that occur sometimes without any sort of indication of sickness. None of these illnesses are easy/well digested, however there are coping strategies that are offered and encouraged throughout the chapter. There are special doctors and even classes/groups to join that can help in the healing and coping stages of some of these illnesses. These classes/groups are not only for those that are directly
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psy 210 chapter 9 - Brian Tharp Psychology 210 Chapter 9...

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