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Brian Tharp 5/4/11 PSY 210 Intercultural Interview Final Paper The intercultural interview that I conducted was an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience. It allowed me to step out of my ignorantly blinded mentality of what all Miami kids are like, and truly discover that my preconceived notions were inaccurate and that there are people all over this campus with different backgrounds, stories, and especially cultural views. I interviewed Jinjie Chen (he goes by JJ). JJ is a 21 year old junior Marketing major at Miami. JJ is also a criminology minor and works for the Parking Services Department at Miami in order to earn course credit. JJ is an only child, but is certainly very able and mature for not having any siblings. JJ is from Kunming, China. Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China. During World War II, Kunming was a Chinese Military Center and was also home to an American air base. Many Chinese businesses are headquartered in Kunming. Kunming has a population of over 5.7 million people. I had never heard of Kunming before I interviewed JJ, so the fact that it is so big was incredibly surprising to me. JJ explained to me that Kunming is becoming very modernized and is not so unlike the US. JJ speaks English, Mandarin and a particular dialect that he says is unique to Kunming citizens. JJ's English is very good, he has somewhat of an accent, but I've never had trouble understanding him. I asked JJ about his religious background. JJ told me that he is a practicing Christian. JJ told me that he was baptized in a non-denominational Church. He claims to be Protestant and attends church services as often as he can. JJ did also comment on the fact that he says his prayers before every meal. This is similar to my upbringing as my family said prayers before we ate as well. My dad's side of the family is from the south so before every meal (whether we're at home or in a restaurant), my grandmother has us hold hands and bless the food before we eat. I guess it was another sign of my ignorance towards JJ's culture because I would have never assumed that JJ was Christian,
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but apparently Christianity is the most popular religion in Kunming. JJ finished by telling me that his parents are religious as well and raised him to be a practicing Christian. JJ laughed as he told me that he obviously attended mass on Easter. I thought that JJ would be perfect for this interview because I'm in two classes with JJ this semester, one of which we were in the same group for a semester long project. JJ was always really upbeat and helpful and had a great sense of humor, however I realized that I didn't really know much about his background or the path that he took to get to Miami and I was very curious. Throughout the semester I had learned that JJ was a very bright individual and that he took pride in his school work and really enjoyed giving his opinion on topics. I was very curious as to how JJ could be so intelligent and motivated. My question was quickly answered; genetics.
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psy 210 final paper - Brian Tharp PSY 210 Intercultural...

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