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Brian Tharp 3/31/2011 PSY 210 Childhood Games I played many games as a kid. I have a very competitive spirit, so naturally I spent most of my childhood trying to gather up the other kids in the neighborhood to engage in some sort of activity. Many of the games I played helped with my socialization of not only my culture, but of other cultures as well. However, I really never thought about the value and the life lessons that I was gaining while running around and getting dirty. The game Guess Who was one of my favorite board games as a kid. The game requires you to ask clues to the other player about their physical image. While playing, I would ask questions about gender and skin color. This game made me realize the differences in skin color at an age when I could comprehend that there are unique physical differences in people, however they don't mean that one is better than the other by any means. Another game that I played was Monopoly. Monopoly was a very sophisticated game that
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Unformatted text preview: required a great deal of concentration and strategy. I was socialized to be careful with money, spend it wisely, to invest, and to stay out of jail. This game was more of a time consuming, frustrating excuse to be competitive when I was little, but now I realize that the game was in fact valuable and rewarding for me. Having a dollar bill as a kid was such a “cool” thing, I'd feel like I had all the money in the world. Therefore, playing monopoly and having bills of all different values and colors and then being able to spend that money was great. It was the first time I realized that bills have numerous values and that things all cost different amounts. These two games were very informative and valuable games that helped with my socialization of the culture I live in. I will certainly have my kids play Guess Who and Monopoly now that I realize what a good experience it was for me....
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