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psy 210 syllabus - 1 Syllabus Psy 210 Psychology Across...

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1 Syllabus Psy 210 Psychology Across Cultures T/Th 9:30 am -10:45 am Psychology Room 204 Spring, 2011 Instructor : Y. R. Harris, PhD Office : 210 Psychology Building Phone : 529-2009 (voice mail) Email: Office Hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:30-3:30 or by appointment Required Text: ). Lives Across Cultures: Cross Cultural Human Development . Fifth Edition, Boston: Allyn and Bacon Course Description: Have you ever wondered whether different cultures within and external to the U.S experience life in the same way that you do? For example how does cultural background influence one’s attitudes about marriage? Is adolescence the same for every culture? What is the influence of culture on the diagnoses and treatment of psychological disorders? The purpose of this course is to answer those questions and to help you gain a deeper appreciation of the role of culture as a context for psychological functioning. To this end, we will examine human behavior from a national (internal to this country) and a global (cultures external to this country) to understand what is unique and what is common in human experience. Such topics that we will discuss in class include, culture and health, culture and social behavior and culture and developmental issues. The course is also designed to facilitate a deeper understanding of you as an individual and as a member of a culture, and to provoke self-analysis concerning your values, behaviors, feelings and ways of thinking. The course satisfies the Miami Plan requirements in the following ways: The course is designed to help you think critically about cultural issues by having you engage in writing, discussing and critiquing cross cultural research, writings and cross cultural movies. To facilitate your understanding of contexts and engagement with other learners, you will meet this requirement via conducting intercultural interviews with people from a
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2 culture other than your own. Reflecting and acting a re facilitated by your active participation in class discussion with others in the course, your administration of the intercultural interview, and your discussion of the intercultural interview with your classmates. The course also meets the requirements of the G courses for the Global Miami Plan in the following ways: The book selected for the course provides you with the opportunity to learn about psychological issues from both national and global perspectives. Throughout the semester, we will discuss and critique such critical psychological issues as how culture influences learning, intelligence and academic achievement; how different cultures define and treat abnormal behavior, and how culture influences love, attraction, and other relationships. To facilitate your ability
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psy 210 syllabus - 1 Syllabus Psy 210 Psychology Across...

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