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psy 210 test 1 topics

psy 210 test 1 topics - -indiscriminant-attachment...

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Psy 210 Exam 1 MC and a little writing -cross-cultural human developmental -cross-cultural psychology -early 20 th century of cross-cultural psychology -goals and importance of cross-cultural research -ethnocentrism -emic, etic -individualistic, collectivistic -theories of human development -define theories -brothenbrennar theory -assumptions of theories -microsystem contexts -mesosystem contexts -piage's theory -4 assumptions -different stages of human development -gains during the stages -cognitive development -cycles and assumptions of development -Erik Erikson and stages -trust vs. mistrust -ethological theory -4 assumptions -attachment
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Unformatted text preview: -indiscriminant-attachment classification processes-Holberg's theory-5 basic assumptions-levels and stages-research methods -influences-culture in socialization-define socialization-socialization ambiguity and examples-stress inducing dissonance-influences on socialization-ecological and developmental niche-socialization process-guided participation (right and left hands. ..one for eating, one for hygiene)-culturalization pg. 91-94-infancy-informal vs. formal learning (hunting and fishing), structured schooling-adolescence (cultural universal?. ..probably not)-adulthood (age, or role?. ..later adulthood)...
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psy 210 test 1 topics - -indiscriminant-attachment...

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