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Aerie’s Distribution Strategy American Eagle in-store: Being an affiliate brand of American Eagle (AE) it’s important that Aerie’s products are present within the AE stores. Within the AE stores it would be essential to have its own individual advertising and section within the store. Within the women’s section specifically – Aerie should have its own wall or room that is solely dedicated to Aerie’s products. American Eagle should not carry all of the items that Aerie has to offer, but rather only its most popular products to avoid overwhelming/overshadowing AE’s other brands. Outside the store there should be advertisements/bulletin boards informing potential consumers of AE’s Aerie section and offerings. Employees at AE should also have knowledge on Aerie store locations for consumers who seek more specific Aerie items not available in store. Overall, Aerie’s presence in AE stores is important, but should not be overly dominant for we are
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Unformatted text preview: striving to make Aerie its own brand without it solely being associated as a sister branch of AE products. Aerie Stores • Aerie needs their own stand-alone stores in order for their customers to take the brand seriously and differentiated from that of the typical AE brand • Aerie needs to make their stand-alone stores present in all big cities across the US. ..they need multiple stores in big cities like New York and Chicago (like Forever 21) • The products in the stand-alone stores need to be chosen according to the climates of the particular cities they are located in • There should be stand-alone Aerie stores in shopping malls across the US, especially ones that also carry AE • The Aerie stores should be located near the AE stores inside shopping malls so that customers can recognize the association between them (maybe across from one another in malls)...
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