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MKT 325 10-7-10 Exam 1: 10/20/10 6-8 PM, 1 Upham Hall 2 Types of self-concept: 1. Self-Focus-Actual vs. Ideal (self discrepancy) 2. Self-location- Private vs. Public, purchases we will make privately compared to purchases we will make when we are with others 3. Extended-self- Over reacting to a child's tantrum because of feeling as though it is a bad reflection on themselves (ie. Home security system companies and how they make a consumer feel as though they would be negatively affected if they didn't purchase their security advice) 4. Self-Monitoring- How well we use social or situation cues in altering our behavior (people who alter their behavior based on the situations around them or even of others are called high self-
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Unformatted text preview: monitors, think more about their image and what people think about them, typically more apt to buy image self products and are more brand loyal, concerned about the opinions of others, they have the desire and the ability to alter their behavior based on the situation, has to be a certain willingness to be the center of attention) (people who act more consistently and base their actions of their attitudes are called low self monitors, may also try to be the center of attention by acting inappropriately or trying to stand out with bad behavior)...
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