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mkt 325 class notes 10-26

mkt 325 class notes 10-26 - Pontiac G6 Advertising Appeals...

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MKT 325 10/26/2010 Attitude: An evaluative judgment, typically about something, someone, somewhere 3 components of an attitude: 1. Cognitive-belief part of an attitude (typically more than one belief about attitude) 2. Affective-feeling part of an attitude (not as concrete, may or may not like something about it) 3. Behavioral-response part of attitude (whether you end up buying or not buying), credible (knows more about a certain product, ex. Tiger Woods and golf equipment) or identifiable (Tiger Woods with Buick) sources, both sources need to be trustworthy Power Steering Gas Mileage Safety Price Honda Civic Toyota Prius Audi A4 Jeep Wrangler
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Unformatted text preview: Pontiac G6 Advertising Appeals: Fear Appeals vs. Humorous Appeals Fear- see more social than physical fear appeals Humorous- humor gets our attention, it cuts through the clutter, humor can sometimes overwhelm a brand (miscomprehension), a wear out effect (only funny for so long) Comparative Ads- comparing one brand to another, Progresso started using them against Campbells to take away market share Emotional Ads- want you to contribute (Red Cross) Value-Expression (will reflect on one's image) vs. Utilitarian Appeal (how good/healthy something is for you) *The three attitudes must work together in the ads...
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