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MKT 325 Physiological Needs

MKT 325 Physiological Needs - Nutrilite promotes a healthy...

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Brian Tharp MKT 325 T, R 2:15 Motivational Theories Physiological Needs: Physiological needs are those that are requirements for human survival. These types of needs consist of air, water, shelter, nutrition, and even sex (in order to maintain existence of species). This particular ad demonstrates the nutritional aspect of physiological needs. In the ad, Amway is promoting a daily nutritional supplement called Nutrilite which is derived from plant nutrients. The nutrients are said to be grown on Amway’s organic farms.
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Unformatted text preview: Nutrilite promotes a healthy and environmentally friendly way to obtain necessary daily nutrients. I also believe that the green plants shown in the ad and on the bottle of supplements convey an environmentally sound image, which adds to the air quality that humans need in order to survive. Thus, the nutritional advantages to the product being advertised as well as the air quality depicted in the green plant images demonstrate that this ad is attempting to appeal to the consumer’s physiological needs....
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