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mkt 335 dvd 7&8 - home tracks what you're doing-can...

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MKT 335—MARKETING RESEARCH DESCRIPTIVE & CAUSAL RESEARCH DESIGNS I) DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGNS Recall Inverted Pyramid More Rigid Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Dummy Tables -forward thinker, visualize dummy tables (attempt to project what things will look like and go like) -helps format survey questions Longitudinal Panels vs. Cross-Sectional Survey 1) Longitudinal Panels-happens over time (measurements) Good at Gathering Detailed Demographics -stay with you for a period of time -you choose to do it, gather more detail -more accurate info Usually More Accurate than Cross-Sectional on Purchase Behavior “Real-Time vs. Memory Recall”
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Non-representative On-going Cooperation Rates < 50% Continuous vs. Discontinuous A) Continuous Repeated Measures of Same Variables Nielsen’s Homescan -agreed to scan items you've bought when you bring them
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Unformatted text preview: home, tracks what you're doing-can sell this data to companies Nielsen’s TV Ratings People Meters, Diaries, Calls Randomly selected 5,100 HHs Provides a National Measurement Electronic TV Meters 400-500 HHs in 56 Largest Markets Provides a Local Measurement Diaries in all 210 US TV Markets Sweeps: Nov, Feb, May, July Digital TV and Nielsen’s Active/Passive Meter Measuring DVR and VOD, www.nielsenmedia.com NDP’s Online Panel Arbitron’s Radio Market Report Listening Diary B) Discontinuous Measured Variables Change Synovate’s Global Panel 2) Cross-Sectional Survey-one time event, sample Snapshot, Point-in-Time Typically More Representative Shortcomings-can't make people stay in participation-loyalty cards, helps to find demographics and buyer behavior, Dunn humbar...
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