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mkt 335 survey design part 1

mkt 335 survey design part 1 - intelligent data-focused...

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1. Our team is trying to discover whether or not a phone app for parking would be something college students would want for their campus. In conducting our research, we are looking to find out the usage of phone apps by college students and trends with their usage, as well as the dilemmas and struggles that students face with parking on campus. More specifically, we will be looking at the types of smart phones students use, the apps they typically buy, locations that students often frequent where they may face parking struggles, and the possible features that students would care to see in such an app. We feel as though our survey/questionnaire will point our team in the right direction in order to make an
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Unformatted text preview: intelligent, data-focused conclusion for our study. We have made a few modifications by changing our target market to mostly students/faculty on campus rather than the whole Oxford community. Also, we have added some possible features such as random entertainment to go along with the app (ie. songs/quotes of the day). This feature would be used to add value to the user and keep them coming back to use the app. We are confident that with our modifications, our survey is ready to distribute to students around campus in order to get feedback for our app idea....
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