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1/31/2011 MKT 405 Assignment due on 2/2/2011: Chapter 6, what are the 10 behaviors I will demonstrate at spring ice from chapter 6. Characteristics of a Great Sales Presentation: -Explains the value proposition -Asserts the advantages and benefits of the product -Enhances Sales Presentation Strategy: -Memorize (product focused) 90/10 -Formula (product focused) 70/30
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Unformatted text preview: -Need Satisfaction (customer focused) 40/60-Problem Solving (customer focused) 30/70 Set Goals and Objectives: First Impression and Approach: Before you meet the customer, when you greet the customer, first 3 minutes of meeting with the customer: Building rapport: be personable Identifying needs and questioning: SPIN Selling: Neil Rackham Guidelines...
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