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mkt 405 10 characteristics

mkt 405 10 characteristics - • I will bring plenty of...

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Name: Brian Tharp Due: February 2, 2011 Creating Customer Value through Personal Selling After reading and studying Chapter 6 “Perspective: Embedding Championship DNA” in Championship Selling, identify and list below 10 behaviors you will demonstrate at the Spring ICE to present yourself as a “Championship Candidate”. Please limit each description to one or two sentences and keep your work limited to one page of paper. I will talk loudly and clearly. I will have great eye contact when talking to potential employers. I will be prepared and avoid using fillers like “uh”, and “umm”. I will dress appropriately with my tie pulled up and pants pulled up. I will be confident and respectful in my conversations with people.
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Unformatted text preview: • I will bring plenty of copies of my resume. • I will have a pen with me that is fully functional. • I will be on time and patient when waiting in lines to meet employers. • I will be knowledgeable about my resume and will be prepared to ask questions. • I will give a firm handshake when meeting employers. Please be prepared to discuss your role as a “Championship Candidate” in class and be prepared to hand in this assignment at the end of class on Wednesday or submit by e-mail prior to class. For those of you who are not planning to attend the Spring ICE, please list 10 behaviors you will demonstrate as you begin your career or at your graduate school interview....
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