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mkt 405 field shadow Q's - Brian Tharp Field Shadow...

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Field Shadow Assignment Questions/Observations for Mark Kreighbaum: What is it that you sell for Oracle? Is GE an extrinsic, intrinsic, or strategic customer? What do you think is the most valuable thing to know when trying to sell a product/service? Did I notice more pitching or catching from Mr. Kreighbaum? Does Mr. Kreighbaum make sure his customers know “what's in it for them” at the end of a sale? How often do you call to check up on your customers and see how they are doing? Does Mr. Kreighbaum get an understanding of GE's existing situation first, before he begins his pitch? Do you use a SPIN/FAB selling approach, or do you have your own selling principles that you stick to? What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn as a salesmen? What is the best quality to have as a salesperson? When you started out were you more concerned about the quality or quantity of sales you made? What's the best way to retain a customer? Do you find listening to be an effective way to sell? What strategies do you use when negotiating? How do you typically initiate a sales call? Do you typically develop a personal relationship with your clients to gain trust? Does Mr. Kreighbaum maintain professional conversation or does it get casual. ..if so, how soon? How do you inquire about problems/issues a customer could be having with your product/service? How do you go about closing a sale/when can you tell it's the right time to do so? Do I notice any areas in which I think Mr. Kreighbaum could improve?
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mkt 405 field shadow Q's - Brian Tharp Field Shadow...

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