mkt 405 PDP - Goals Ambitions To improve my GPA each...

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To improve my GPA each semester until I graduate To gain knowledge and experience through class projects and assignments dealing with real world situations/companies To perform well in my summer internship and receive another bonus To learn better preparation techniques for projects in and out of the classroom, and then utilize them To become more comfortable sharing ideas and opinions I have in and out of the classroom Take more advantage of the resources that are presented to me and seek other resources that I feel are necessary for my growth and development as a student and worker Become more comfortable asking questions when something is unclear or I am unable to complete the task at hand without help To secure a full-time job for after college by Spring Break next year To graduate on time and not have to take out any loans/have any debt after I graduate To be promoted in my career after my first three years To find a company to work for where I am happy with the management structure and employee morale Strengths: Personable Work well with others Good at communicating Good listener Hardworking Task-oriented Work well on teams Responsible and presentable in a business setting Great common sense, with a great logical mind Detail oriented Confident, poised demeanor PDP Page 1
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Results driven Areas of Opportunity:
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  • Spring '11
  • DennisCaruso
  • Interrogative word, real world situations/companies, better preparation techniques, great logical mind

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mkt 405 PDP - Goals Ambitions To improve my GPA each...

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