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WORD LIST I Definition of “Common Law” What is the Supreme Law of the land? What are Federal Statutes and from where do they come? Burden of Proof Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and State rules of Civil Procedure Stare Decisis Treaty Power – who has it? Substantive law and Procedural Law Public Law and Private Law Civil law and criminal law Writ of Certiorari Exclusive Jurisdiction of the Federal Courts When would you need “quasi in rem” jurisdiction – what purpose? The Bill of Rights
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Unformatted text preview: Subject matter jurisdiction Commercial speech Substantive due process Procedural due process Commerce clause State Action Criminal Prosecution Exclusionary Rule Actus Reas Mens Rea Vicarious liability Evidence taken pursuant to a valid arrest Rational Relationship test Intermediate test for gender based discrimination Strict Scrutiny Federal Pre-emption 5 th amendment 4 th amendment 14 th amendment Search and Seisure Plain view Deadly Force Duress...
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