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Things to know for final

Things to know for final - He may also search other areas...

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Vicarious liability= Means that someone is liable for another person’s actions. This normally applies to corporations- (If an employee screws up the company is liable for the damages; not because they were directly responsible, but because they hired that person.) Evidence taken pursuant to a valid arrest= Pursuant means proceeding after or following; so this is referring to evidence taken after a valid arrest. A police officer is able to search the area immediately surrounding the site of the arrest as well as the person.
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Unformatted text preview: He may also search other areas if he has probable cause. However the search must be related to the arrest. Criminal Prosecution= To punish an individual for a crime the government must prove both Actus Reas (Accuesed Committed Illegal Act) and Mens Rea (They Had Intent/knowledge). The Burden of Proof is on the State- meaning they must convince a jury beyond reasonable doubt the accused committed the crime. – Criminal Prosecution is the Gov. vs. Person (State of California vs. Oj Simpson.)...
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