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Breif final SG - Group Aided decision makingneed to create...

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Group Aided decision making—need to create an environment where people feel free to participate. -Innovative groups have HIGH Minority Dissent and HIGH participation -In order for group decision to be effective they must; -Understand the situation -Understand the requirements -Discuss positives of alternatives -Discuss negatives of alternatives Positive (+) of groups – Greater pool of knowledge, Varying perspectives, Greater comprehension Negatives (-) of groups- Social loafing, Domination, Logrolling, Goal displacement Use groups when decision occurs frequently (loans) – consistency If decision needs to made fast use individuals – groups are time consuming and have less comm. Channels To reduce roadblocks of groups; -Brainstorm—don’t criticize, build on others ideas, encourage wild ideas, quantity over quality -Nominal Group Tech.—structured meeting—group convened, understand idea, silent ideas -Delphi—Generates ideas from physically dispersed experts -used when face-to-face is impractical Chap 13 Org. Politics- intentional enhancement of own self interests -triggered by uncertainty -unclear objectives -vague performance measures -strong competition -change Bad impressions- -Avoidance—Want to avoid more stress -Obtain Rewards- Promotion/Demotion - Exit- Want to be fire/collect workers comp -power- want to make someone look bad Unfavorable upward impression tech; -decr. Perf. -not working to potential -withdrawing -displaying bad attitude -broadcasting limitations
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Organizational culture - shared beliefs and values that underlie a companies identity -passed on to new employees through socialization -influences behavior at work -operates at 3 different levels -Artifacts—logos, acronyms -Espoused values- explicitly stated beliefs
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Breif final SG - Group Aided decision makingneed to create...

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