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Study guide-Terms - Marketing mix Marketing research...

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Study guide: Key terms for multiple choice 7 C’s that drive customer experience online Advantages and disadv of Advertising media Advertising appeals Advertising messages B2B Customer characteristics BCG model Behavioral Benefits sought Brand extension Branding strategies Cause related marketing Central concerns of marketing CERTS Channel of distribution Choiceboard Collaborative filtering Comparative Advertising Competitive Advertising Concept testing Consumer sales promotions Controllable forces Convenience Customer characteristics Customers Decision influencers and roles Demographics Diffusion of innovation Distribution strategies Dual distribution Employees Evolution of the marketing orientation Executive level Facilitating functions Functional level Geographic Growth Harvesting Hierarchy of effects Institutional Advertising Interactive marketing Line extension Logistical functions Market entry strategies Market product strategies (growth strategies)
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Unformatted text preview: Marketing mix Marketing research Maturity Multichannel distribution Opportunity scanning Organizational buyer behavior Organizational goals and objectives Pioneering Advertising Product Positioning Positioning Strategies Pricing constraints Pricing strategies Product Advertising Product life cycle stages and purposes Product line Product mix Promotional budgeting Promotional objectives Psychographics Push and pull promotional channel strategy Reminder Advertising Retailing mix Sales forecasting Salesforce management Salesforce structures Shareholders Shopping Situation analysis Social responsibility Specialty Stakeholders Steps in the personal selling process Stock keeping unit Supply chain Trade oriented sales promotions Transactional functions Uncontrollable forces Unsought Usage rate Values from a global perspective Viral marketing Value (consumer)...
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