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Midterm Review - NSC 311 Evolution of Warfare Fall 2010...

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NSC 311 Evolution of Warfare Fall 2010 MIDTERM REVIEW MCDP-1 WARFIGHTING Be able to define the following: -War - a violent clash of interests between or among organized groups characterized by the use of military force. -Center of Gravity - Important source of strength- What makes enemy strongest -Critical Vulnerability - a vulnerability that, if exploited, will do the most significant damage to the enemy’s ability to resist us. ** A critical vulnerability is a pathway to attacking an enemies center of gravity.** -Friction - Portrayed as a clash between two opposing wills -Fog of War - actions in war take place in an atmosphere of uncertainty, or the “fog of war.”—reduce uncertainties by gathering information What is the Human Will in war? Immeasurable- What keeps people going- spirit 4 types of friction – give examples of each. -Mental- indecision over a course of action -Physical- Being tired-Overcoming obstacle -External- Terrain, weather -Self induced- lack of coordination The Art and the Science of war – give examples of each. Art- creative ability to devise a practical solution. It involves conceiving strategies and tactics and developing plans of action to suit a given situation. Science- includes those activities directly subject to the laws of ballistics, mechanics, and like disciplines; for example, the application of fires, the effects of weapons, How are politics and policy related in war?
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Politics refers to the distribution of power through dynamic interaction, both cooperative and competitive Policy refers to the conscious objectives established within the political process. The policy aims that are the motive for any group in war should also be the foremost determinants of its conduct. The single most important thought to understand about our theory is that war must serve policy . Know and be able to describe the following:
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Midterm Review - NSC 311 Evolution of Warfare Fall 2010...

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