Review Weeks 5 and 6

Review Weeks 5 and 6 - Zoo 121 Spring 2010 Populations...

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Zoo 121, Spring 2010 Populations, Communities, and Biodiversity Reading: Chapter 3 (focusing on pp 49-55, 57-62, 64, 66-68), Chapter 5 (focusing on p 95-97, 106-122) Here are some objectives, terms, and general questions to help you review material in this class. Please keep in mind that these terms and questions do NOT represent all of the material covered. You should not focus exclusively on this review guide. Instead, you should study your book and notes thoroughly, and use the material presented here to help you review and to give you a sense of the type of material that will be covered on exams. Main Objectives 1. Describe the value and services provided by biodiversity 2. Identify ways in which humans have accelerated species loss 3. Describe abiotic and biotic limitations to population growth 4. Relate population size and isolation to the likelihood of extinction 5. Use concepts of energy flow and population dynamics to explain why some members of a community are more likely to go extinct than others 6. Explain how the loss of a single species can influence biodiversity, through effects such as species interactions and vegetation structure. Key terms and concepts
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Review Weeks 5 and 6 - Zoo 121 Spring 2010 Populations...

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