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Yellow Emperor Essay - Emily Leung Chinese 155 Fall 2009...

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Emily Leung Chinese 155 Fall 2009 Essay #1 The Yellow Emperor The Yellow Emperor essay states that’s Xuanyuan Shi also known as the Five Emperors is seen as a person rather than a god. The author’s perspective of the Yellow Emperor is seen as one would say as “reverse euhemerization”. The concept of “reverse euhemerization” is when gods, overtime, become an accepted historical figure. There are many types of examples abstracted from the essay that displays how the gods overtime become widely known as a historic figure. Also, there are other texts that have examples of the opposite process. The opposite process is call “euhemerization”, meaning it would be a person over time is recognized as a god. Derk Bodde, the author of Myths of Ancient China , would state that “euhemerization” is when gods overtime became a historical figure, and that “reverse euhemerization” is when a person becomes a god. Derk Bodde, and Anne Birrell, the author of Chinese Mythology , is two works of evidence to support that the given essay is “reverse euhemerized”. Derk Bodde gives multiple stories about The Yellow Emperor; all of which are myths and not historically accurate. The anecdote with the double meaning word “ mien ”, face or sides, portrayed the Yellow Emperor as a man who had four men on the four sides working with him. Another anecdote about the Yellow Emperor from Bodde has to do with the tsu . Tsu , meaning foot is related to the character K’uei. “In euhemerized histories he is Music Master of the sage rule Shun, but from other scattered references we can see that he was actually a mythological creature only having one foot”(Bodde 374). Over time, people would soon
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Yellow Emperor Essay - Emily Leung Chinese 155 Fall 2009...

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