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Emily Leung Josh Moulton ADO8 December 8 th , 2009 In the article Defense of Abortion by Judith Thomson it discusses the two perspectives of abortion. Thomson then proposes how many cases people make for why abortion is impermissible and why abortion should be legal. Thomson first discusses the topic of at what time is a fetus actually considered a person. When discussing this subject Thomson compares the point at which a fetus is a person to an acorn becoming an oak tree. Stating that an acorn is not considered a tree, so a fetus cannot be considered a person until the actual birth. Then from this perspective, Thomson brings about another perspective. The violinist dilemma contemplates the difference of being pregnant for nine months and being plugged into a famous violinist for nine months. This situation tackles how the rights of the mother is taken away due to the fetus, this is
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Unformatted text preview: demonstrated through the violinist example because it shows how the rights of a person is taken away without discussion. Based on the examples given by Thomson, I think this article made some valid points in the subject area, but it should be a womans choice to either have an abortion or not. Thomson did a good job expressing his views on the matter but I think abortion is a very complicated subject, and it should not be either right or wrong. I personally think that abortion should not be the first option for women unless it is life threatening, because there are so many people that are unable to have children, and to give a child to a infertile couple is a selfless act of kindness which the world would benefit....
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