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Assignment 12 - the argument does not make it permissible...

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Emily Leung Josh Moulton Section AD08 December 9 th , 2009 “Abortion (the excerpt)” by Joel Feinberg discusses the different views from Thomson’s article “Defense for Abortion”. Feinberg breaks down the components with rights to an abortion. “Three of these rights and their possible association with the right to an abortion deserve our closest scrutiny” (Feinberg 2). These rights are the property rights, the right to self- defense, and the right to bodily autonomy. Feinberg breaks down property rights under the subject of abortion by exemplifying that the woman who is pregnant as a right to her own property, and claiming that the fetus is her property, thus whatever she does with her “property” is her own business. Based on the explanation of this “right” I would have to disagree with the property right perspective because
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Unformatted text preview: the argument does not make it permissible to kill a possible being because it is the woman’s “property”. A fetus should not be seen as a “property” because property does not relate to a life, just as how self-defense does not relate to abortion. In the article Feinberg states that the violinist example does not “make an exact analogy” because of deficiencies (Feinberg 2). Overall I thought the excerpt was very interesting, and I also thought Feinberg brought upon many valid points in the case of abortion, but there were also some points where my opinion differed and there were some points that I also agreed with. Fienberg did a good job in further examining the abortion case by demonstrating multiple views of the topic, and giving very good examples for evidence....
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