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Emily Leung AD08 Josh Moulton November 19 th , 2009 In “Justifying Reverse Discrimination in Employment” by George Sher, it attempts to examine the “way of compensating for past discrimination” (Sher 58). Sher argues that the compensation for past discrimination is to “afford preferential treatment to the members of those groups which have been discriminated against in the past” (Sher 58). Not only will Sher argue this subject, but it will also be applied to the employment area. The first situation Sher proposes is that people who have been “barred from employment of a certain kind” (Sher 59) have received less than a fair share therefore by means of compensation they should receive more. The second argument Sher brings forth is of people who have not been denied any
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Unformatted text preview: employment can still be “deprived of other sorts of goods” (Sher 59) due to their membership of the group. Another argument Sher makes is that “they stand to gain the most from the relevant effects of the original discrimination, that the bypassed individual stand to lose the most from reverse discrimination. I think Sher got through to what he wanted to say by providing thorough explanations and examples. This justification of reverse discrimination did a good job overall because of its well thought out explanations, and the author incorporated multiple views and perspective of the matter, which I thought was a great addition to the argument....
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