Moral Nihilism - one alive”(Harman 466 Then argued how...

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Emily Leung J. Moulton September 17 th , 2009 Moral Nihilism This excerpt Moral Nihilism by Gilbert Harman discusses a ray of topics that question our moral actions, and what drives a person to make a “moral” choice. Also, Harman tries to demonstrate how function is determined through multiple examples of everyday objects. Harman’s conclusion was basically that when explaining any subject, it is easier to use the explanation that is in sight other than the explanation that needs analysis or further explanation. However the further explanation can sometimes define functions of objects. Harman provided clear examples to his argument. He mentioned situations where “you are given a choice between five people alive and one dead or five people dead and
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Unformatted text preview: one alive” (Harman 466). Then argued how one would know which option is best. The most appealing premises is the one describing function. The premises was put into a factual question, “whether or not something is good”. I believe the author did a great job arguing his point of view because in some discussion points that the author made they were clearly thought out and explained. Functionalism was very well argued since the examples brought the real world into perspective. I thought it was a strong tactic to relate the real world into this thought provoking concept of what is fulfilling a function and what is not....
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