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Assignment 11 - ideal American white Christian born here...

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Emily Leung Sociology 106 November 30 th , 2009 Based on the book The Accidental American Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization by Rinku Sen, framing is defined as “a boundary around the discussion, defining the problem, location responsibility, and influencing which technical proposals get a hearing and which are pushed to the margins” (Sen 139). Because the people in charge of the framing withhold the most power, they decide what ideas or people get cut out of the debate. However, there are the restrictionists who also hold power. Restrictionists who support criminality frame hold the power in the debate because they are in charge of voting for or against immigration. Since many restrictionists hold the same beliefs, many conclusions of restrictionists are that immigrants should not be allowed into our country. “Through the combination of rhetoric and policy proposals, they froze an image of the
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Unformatted text preview: ideal American: white, Christian, born here, speaking only English, never needing a helping hand, faithfully obeying every law and regulation, and never asking for a second chance” (Sen 140). On the other hand, the business community views the labor supply frame and new immigrants as a positive addition to the country. The business perspective views immigrants as a cheap alternative for labor. Although these views are for and against immigrants, there are legalization frames. These frames fight to help hear the immigrant’s perspective. These frames are not very effective but it is more of a tiny step to show the country that immigrants have a voice too, and another method of trying to inform people that everyone’s ancestors were not born in America, and they do not have a right to say who and who cannot live in America....
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