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Emily Leung Sociology 106 December 11 th , 2009 Extra Assignment Looking back on the semester’s weekly response papers I have come to realize which were my favorite, and which were my least favorite. My favorite response paper would have to be week 1. This response paper was about putting myself into Anne Moody’s mother’s perspective and describing the movie theater scene. This was my favorite because it incorporated creativity and it was a different kind of writing response than the typical summary responses. Not only was it different but it also included the core concept of social construction, which was a good connection for the book. However, I cannot say the same for some other response questions. The response paper that I disliked the most would have to be the income assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: I thought that the chart was a good visual but I thought that the “short analysis” was not necessary. Because the chart was a visual it is clear what the differences between men and women and among all the races. I thought that this assignment could have been an in class analysis where more people could have learned more from it, instead of doing it individually. Overall the response papers were a great addition to the class but I thought that these two response papers were my favorite and least favorite. All the other response papers were very creative and incorporated all of the core concepts into the assignment which was a good way to tie together everything learned in the course....
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