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Emily Leung Sociology 106 Essie Mae is so frustrating. Last night she walked into the whites only section in the auditorium. She just does not understand the race division here in Mississippi. Essie Mae is not old enough to realize that people of different race are treated differently. It is very difficult to explain to Essie Mae that not everyone is treated equally, and it is aggravating to explain to my own daughter that although she and I are both human beings, we are seen as beneath the white folks due to the color of our skin. Last night was quite interesting when the little Negro girl walked into our section of the auditorium. I still am slightly shocked in how uneducated the children are in the Negro community. The mother of the girl should have been watching her children, and should have taught the child to behave in a civil manner. If a similar incident occurs in
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Unformatted text preview: this auditorium, something must be done. For the Negroes to invade our section of the auditorium is purely unethical. This special event was very important in Essie Mae’s life, it was the start of a new perspective. This perspective was the segregation and race division of the 1950’s in Mississippi. It must have been difficult for Anne’s mother to grab her daughter out of the white section. For Anne to wonder into the lower section was a clear demonstration of lack of knowledge of the segregation occurring during this time. It was harsh for Anne’s mother to be upset since Anne was just a child, but it was a normal reaction back in the fifty’s. This event was a life altering moment for Anne, since segregation was introduced into her perspective of life....
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