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Race 2 - speak out and a fear of becoming involved in...

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Emily Leung Sociology 106 September 21 st , 2009 The murder of Samuel O’Quinn was an event that completely transformed Essie Mae’s perspective. The murder set off Essie Mae’s emotions because it brought back old memories of other killings of people whom she used to know. Because all of the emotions resurfaced, she left Centerville with the mindset of disliking Mr. Willis. She disliked Mr. Willis so much, that she even started dreaming about murdering him. Samuel O’Quinn’s murder was an example of how hegemony was enforced since it affected the black people’s agency. The black people’s agency was affected by hegemony because it created a fear to
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Unformatted text preview: speak out, and a fear of becoming involved in change. The murder of O’Quinn was a method to scare other black community leaders from forming anti-discrimination groups, and it demonstrates the control for power over the blacks. From this tactic, the blacks have seen the consequences of being involved in protesting the race division in Mississippi. The murder showed that if the black community chooses to speak out, then the consequences will most likely become another murder like Samuel O’Quinn....
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