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Emily Leung Sociology 106 November 2 nd , 2009 In Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America by Barbara Ehrenreich the two different chapters had shown two different experiences of low-wage salary jobs in two different locations. Enrenreich’s experience in Key West Florida was similar and different to the experiences in Portland, Maine. Ehrenreich “chose Maine for its whiteness” (Ehrenreich 51). While working in Maine she had been able to find two jobs; one was one weekends being a dietary aide Woodcrest Residential Facility and the other job was housekeeping for Merry Maids during the week. Working in the nursing home was similar to the working in Hearthside, since it was just delivering meals. However, the labor in Maine was more painful and more extensive labor than in Florida because Ehrenreich was in charge of doing dishes as well. The other job, Merry Maids, was very hard work as well because the maids were encouraged to work as fast as possible and it required a lot of physical
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Unformatted text preview: activity. Living conditions differed because in Maine, Ehrenreich lived “for $120 a week…a bed/living area with a kitchen growing off of it, linens included, and a TV that will have cable until the cable company notices…” (Ehrenreich 56) compared to the trailer home in the unsafe environment in Florida. Overall with two jobs instead of one, Ehrenreich had made the stay in Maine more pleasant than the one in Florida. It was much harder labor to keep up her rent and expenses in Maine, but I think if she continued working the two jobs, somewhere along the path she would be able to create some excess money, however that possibility is very small because her co-workers at Merry Maid would only dream of that. Her prospect for getting ahead was to possible save more money by living in a less expensive housing arrangement....
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