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Emily Leung Alma Castro/Veronica Johnson Friday Section 4 (11:15-12:05) Race In The Past Vs. Race Today Race has changed very dramatically since circa 1950-1965 up until the present day of 2009. Back in the 1950’s down South in Mississippi, the thought of a black President would be a joke. Not only would it be a joke but also no one in the community would think of running for the president of the United States of America. This is just a small sample of how the past is completely different to the present today, since our president is of African American descent. Throughout the years many things have changed in the United States. There are various topics of change that one could compare from the 50’s until now, but the most significant change would be the world of law enforcement and the world of crime. Law enforcement and crime are the two most important topics of change because they are large parts of society, and they are also intertwined with three important terms. Agency, the ability to make choices; social structure, the social arrangements in the environment; and social construction, the built in perspective of others’ behaviors, are the three terms that intertwine into law enforcement and crime of the past up to the present. Overall these changes portray how our society has developed into a more equal society. The biography, Coming in Age of Mississippi by Anne Moody, greatly describes how the law enforcement system in Mississippi was back in the 1950’s. Back in the 1950’s law enforcement varied based on race. The documentary, Eyes on the Prize , showed nine
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students that wanted to attend Little Rock Central High School. Upon attempting to enter the school, the National Guard created a blockade to stop the nine students. The power of the law enforcement is shown through the story of the Little Rock Nine because the National Guard was called to stop the kids from entering an already desegregated school. Also around the 1950’s, not only was the National Guard corrupt, but also the local police stations were. In Anne Moody’s biography, her classmate Jerry was almost beaten to death because he was falsely accused of making prank calls to a white woman. The corrupt
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Stuggles Paper - Emily Leung Alma Castro/Veronica Johnson...

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