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Emily Leung A Small Place College Writing 112 Marissa Carrere A Different Writing Style “A Small Place” written by Jamaica Kincaid is an essay about the island of Antigua and the affects of tourism on the overall environment and culture of the island. However, this essay is very particular because it is written in a form that is one of a kind. The form of “A Small Place” by Jamaica Kincaid is written in a story-like second person essay. A unique aspect of the essay is not only how it is written in second person but it is also written in a style that incorporates made up scenarios. Kincaid starts to elaborate on these scenarios to transition into her own opinions and the over arching message of the essay. Because the style of the essay is in a second person perspective, and the tone is very conversational it affects the reader in many different ways. Along with the conversational tone, Kincaid expresses her thoughts with a lot of sarcastic remarks about tourism throughout the entire essay. Kincaid begins her conversational writing by writing about when the reader first enters Antigua in a perspective as a tourist. Kincaid starts out with “If you go to Antigua as a tourist, this is what you will see” (111). With this very first sentence Kincaid is already telling the reader what “they” will see. With this second person point of view, it is hard not to express opinions and not to control what the actual opinion of the reader is. Then Kincaid goes on about how the reader “may” be a tourist and that the reader “would wonder why a Prime Minister would want an airport named after him” (111). Kincaid’s writing in this essay does not allow much room for the reader to
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cw - Emily Leung A Small Place College Writing 112 Marissa...

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