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Orchid’s Response - paragraph brings...

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Orchid’s: Half Sacred, Half Profane by Faith Adiele was a complete different essay than The Vocabulary of Comics. I thought this was actually an easier read than The Vocabulary of Comics because I was getting distracted by the illustrations and could not really grasp the concepts as much. However, just because I found it easier to read I do not think it was a good essay. The content was just as boring but I think it was written very well. The short essay among the margins confused me as reader a tiny bit. I thought it was interesting to read three different stories all surrounded by one same topic. All of these stories had different perspectives and it was somewhat interesting. I was still not sure what the author was trying to convey as a message. The essay was still confusing and really hard to stay away while reading. Faith Adiele does a good job with description and I especially enjoyed the first paragraph when she is personifying the lotus. This
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Unformatted text preview: paragraph brings happiness when I read it, I imagined the author reading her own work out loud and being loud and cheerful when describing the lotus. Then I feel like it gets into a more serious tone when she is describing the rules for women in front of men. Overall I would have to say the essay was confusing and very hard to follow, but the content is interesting. Also, I think the tones the author presents brings more life into the essay and it was very well written. This essay to me, I could probably enjoyed it if I understood it more, but it was still very hard for me to read this just because it was kind of boring while being interesting at the same time. It is definitely something that needs to be read a lot of times for a reader to understand just like the other essay by Scott McCloud....
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