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Rhetorical Prospectus - Emily Leung College Writing 112...

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Emily Leung College Writing 112 Marissa Carrere April 1 st . 2010 Rhetorical Prospectus For my third unit research paper, I am going to write about Sorority life here at University of Massachusetts Amherst, and try to display the stereotypes of sorority girls shown throughout different forms of media differ from the reality. This topic is important to me because, I am currently involved in pledging a sorority on campus, and I strongly believe it is important for readers to know the real life aspects of being in a sorority. Acknowledging that there are many perspectives among this topic, and I will cover the perspectives of someone who is involved in a Sorority, someone who is involved in a Fraternity, and someone who is not involved in Greek life at all. Some people have different perspectives but the people involved in Greek life (the Fraternity or Sorority) will support this paper because it will be discussing topics that people would not know about Greek life, and the readers uninvolved in Greek life will understand a lot more about Sororities and Fraternities.
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