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23rd Floor - Emily Leung Writing Assignment#1 Rewrite...

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Emily Leung Writing Assignment #1 Rewrite November 2 nd , 2010 UMass Landscape as an Artifact and Aesthetic The campus that has best of both worlds can be seen on the south side of the 23 rd floor of the W.E.B. Dubois library. The panoramic view of the landscape of UMass campus is very close to D.W. Meinig’s perspective of “Landscape as Artifact” and “Landscape as Aesthetic” in the article The Beholding Eye: Ten Views of the Same Scene . Meinig depicts landscape as an artifact as when “such a person sees first of all and everywhere the mark of man in everything. Nature is fundamental only in a simple literal sense: nature provides a stage” (Meinig 48). The foreground of the landscape, different academic buildings, takes up the majority of the space. The buildings are the “mark of man”. These buildings are a range of academic buildings, such as Herter Hall, the Fine Arts Center, Bartlett, and so many more. These buildings are made for man and each building has a function. Not only are the buildings a sign of man but also are the paved roads, parking lots, and pathways. All of
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