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Emily Leung October 27 th , 2010 Looking at a Designed Space The War Memorial located at Amherst College is a special designed space dedicated to the alumni of Amherst College that served in WWII. This specific design space contributes similar design aspects that are discussed in the article The Poetics of Gardens by Charles W. Moore, William Turnbull, Jr., and William J. Mitchell. The article discusses ground cover, landmarks, landform, edges, walls, enclosure, openings, connections, ceiling, light, water, smell, temperature, and sound. However, the two most influencing factors on the War Memorial would have to be landmarks, and the edging. Within the reading it mentions raised landmarks, and the War Memorial is raised up above playing fields, and the centerpiece of the memorial is also raised. The raising of the actual memorial and the raising of the centerpiece “gives a center to a fragment of the world –a particularly poignant gesture when the surrounding landscape
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Unformatted text preview: provides few orienting features” (Moore 7). The sharp edges of the raised centerpiece and the defined lines in the ground give the memorial a sense of seriousness and remembrance for the Amherst College alumni. The edging is significant because it completes the whole space. The designer of the area developed the edging by placing low shrubberies along with block benches all along the edge of the circular space. The benches are contrasted with the vertical square posts placed in between the horizontal benches. The vertical and horizontal stone fixtures create a rhythm along the edge and with the shrubs in the background it creates more of a border. Then the two openings of the area with a level change creating entrances into the memorial space demonstrate a different kind of edging. With the landmarks, and the edging as the significant aspects, it ties the entire War Memorial into one well-designed space....
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