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Unformatted text preview: Emily Leung Writing Assignment #2 The painting “In the Woods” by Asher Durand located in the Mead Art Museum at Amherst College portrays all different kinds of visual forces, techniques, and elements. The visual forces expressed by Benjamin Martinez & Jacqueline Block in the article “Unity and Variety” are conveyed within the painting by Durand. The balance of the painting is shown throughout the various types of highlights and lowlights in all over the tree leaves, branches, and trunks. The rocks, ground, and sky are also highlighted to add the effect of the light from the background shining into the foreground. The lowlights were in corners, and crevices of the tree stumps, and on the ground. The use of light and dark really put the painting together. Not only was light and dark used but line and color was also balanced out as well. The lines in the tree trunk added texture to picture, as well as the leaves. The way the leaves were painted showed texture as well as detail. Looking closely to the painting in the middle ground the “coulisse” in showed texture as well as detail....
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